From Installation To Maintenance & Repairs, Innova Fireplaces Is Your Source For Quality Chimney & Fireplace Services!<br /> Here at Innova Fireplaces, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch chimney and fireplace services with top-notch customer care. Whether you have a wood, pellet or gas appliance, a fireplace, a stove or an insert, our technicians are equipped to install, maintain and repair it. We offer comprehensive care, and can give you the confidence you need to enjoy your appliance without worry or stress.
All repair needs are unique, and properly solving gas fireplace problems requires assessment by an experienced chimney technician. But a few common problems generally alert homeowners to the need for gas fireplace repairs or service. These can include: 1-Bad odors emanating from the unit 2-Soot stains on and around the unit 3-Trouble lighting the appliance 4-Trouble with the fireplace staying lit (like the fireplace shutting off unexpectedly)
One of our house specialties is custom metal fabrication. We’re proud to offer our clients the flexibility and creativity our in-house shop and customization services can add to the design of their individual fireplace. We provide everything from custom fireplace doors and surrounds as well as fabricate chimney caps and shrouds of all styles and materials.<br />